SUNDAY 24 September  2017 
08:00 Worship Service - Rev Andrew Els
09:30 Worship Service - Rev Andrew Els

18:30 Worship service - Rev Andrew Els

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 08:00  Rhett Shaw
.30  Buyelwa Gwayi
 18:30  Sheldon Loxton

Important Snippets of Information

The Marriage Preparation Course
Developing strong foundations for a lasting marrige
Over five evenings you will learn important tools that will enable you to make your marriage work.
Content includes:
  • How to recognise and appreciate your differences
  • Making each other feel loved
  • The importance of commitment
  • The importance of talking about your goals,values, and dreams
  • Nurturing your friendship
Dates: 8th November 2017 (for five weeks)
Time: 18:30 (light supper provided)
Venue: Nahoon Methodist church
Cost: R50.00 for participant's guide.
Bookings: Andrew at 043 735 1380


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Who are We and what do We stand for at Nahoon Methodist Church


We believe we are called by God to be a Centre of Hope to our community


By God's grace we seek to be growing in love for God and for all God's people by discovering, living and declaring the Gospel. Through freedom of worship we seek to encourage an honest encounter with God


To be a church where 80% of the members are using their spiritual gifts, talents and abilities to serve God


1.All people matter at NMC because they matter to God:

Embrace the new South Africa

By showing mutual respect

No discrimination in any form will be tolerated

Everyone's opinion is valued

Be a safe place for people to explore their ministry

Encourage fun and enjoyment

We uphold the Christian standards of courtesy, charity, kindness, appropriate confidentiality and service in the way we relate to each other

2.A bible-based and Spirit led Methodist church

We accept the authority of scripture

We teach and observe Methodist doctrine

Prayer undergirds all we do at NMC

3.At NMC God is honoured:

Show love for God in actions and attitudes

Jesus is the head of the church and so we measure everything we do against what Jesus taught and modelled and from what he revealed concerning the nature, character, values, principles and priorities of the Godhead.

Worship is a priority


We have two prayer services weekly:

Monday: 09:00 - 10:00 in the Centre of Hope
Friday: 06:30 - 07:00 in the Centre of Hope.

Our Worship Services!

If you are new to our worship services or intend visiting any of our services for the first time, here is some info that will make you feel more at home with us.

If you require prayer, or wish to receive counseling or would just like to speak to someone, please speak to the society steward on duty, if he/she cant help you they will make sure you are put in touch with someone who can help you. You can also make use of the yellow form in the pew and place it in the offering bag or in the blue prayer post box and we will contact you. There is also a link in the R/H menu on this website where you can post your prayer request.

A Baby Room (pre toddler) is available if you require during the service, with audio and one way glass, as well as a creche in the lounge from the start of the 09:30 service. This is for toddlers to 3 year olds, Toilets can be found in the foyer towards the hall side on your right.

If you are visiting please take a moment to complete the same yellow forms in the holder in the pew and place it in the offering bag. This may just help us provide a more meaningful worship experience for one and all and help us to serve our community better.

Thank you for thinking of sharing your time with us, if you do decide to attend please take the time to let the Soceity stewart know so that we can do our best to make your worship experience a special one.

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